Piotr pyrchala

creative/random/ eager.


Polish in Scotland.


Birds of Prayers is a result of my creativity. 

Is it a clothing brand? I don't know, definitely maybe, one day.


I like to design, make, explore and not restrict myself to one discipline.

Jack of all trades, master of some. 

My passion is collaboration and open discussion with other soulful people. 


I am not rich, work hard and trying to give up at least twice a year. 

I can't stay still and sometimes I can't sleep, because my brain won't stop thinking about the perfect seam.

Clothing industry ain't an easy one.

I would like to think, that I am a part of it, but I have to make it work for myself. 


I mostly focus on made-to-order, and it can take up to 3weeks to fulfil the order.


One day I will have an army of helping hands, for now just mine. 

I love the process of making clothes, it is personal.

Please take care of your wardrobe.



My life mission is to be a kind human being, to give back more than I take, to leave more than carbon footprint behind me, to inspire. 

I always want to do more, never stop learning and breathe the same air as those whom I admire. 


Let's have fun.







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